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Hi, You're receiving this email because {name} thinks the Maison Levy Wallpaper would interest you. Haby Bonomo, the painter, brings us a brush stroked universe filled with poetry, tenderness & dreams.

Maison Levy can custom produce wallpaper from a selection of their designs. The range includes: Camion Verde, Bateau Blanc, El Palmar, Catarata, Tracteur Rouge, Tolbiac, Tiges, Remparts, Yrupe, Flamingo, Fleurs Blues, Isla Cercana, Isla Lejana, Miami Light, Paquebot, Chicas, Reflejos plus more.

Designed & Made in France
High Quality digital print based on a painting by Haby Bonomo
Non Woven wallpaper / 140g/m2
Matte finish with a velvety aspect

Maison Levy wallpaper is $245 per square meter (m2)
Minimum order is 3.3 square meters.

More Details:
  • Maison Levy can produce wallpaper from a selection of their designs. (see the pics for some examples)
  • It can be produced to any size. You are not limited to a specified roll width.
  • You can even (within reason) specify the layout - so as an example when we ordered the wallpaper for our showroom here in Newmarket, we wanted to ensure that the line of buildings was at 1.15 mtrs from the ground so that when we had a sofa against the wall, the design wouldn't be compromised. They were able to do this.
  • Once you have selected your design and dimensions, Maison Levy will produce an email mock up for you to view
  • Once you sign off on the proof, production and courier is approximately 20 days.
  • To calculate the cost you take your wall height in meters and multiply by your width in meters. Then multiply this by $230. (As an example if you want to wallpaper an area that is 3 meter high x 2.1 meter wide = 3 x 2.1 = 6.3 square meters x $230 = $1,449)
Wallpaper Details:
  • Paste the wall wallpaper
  • Resistance to light
  • Washable
  • Fire resistant wallpaper
  • Easy to apply

Free Shipping within New Zealand. Enjoy Shopping.

A little about Maison Levy.
Maison Levy (formerly Geneviève Lévy edition) is more than a brand - it is a family business, run by mother and daughter and inspired firstly by their husband and father’s work as an artist!
Since 2006  Geneviève Lévy & Nina Bonomo have been working to perfect the process used, to bring us these beautiful works of art on linen, and now wallpaper.  Maison Lévy takes the infinitely small, the fine details from Haby Bonomos work, through to the generous expansive landscapes. From these wonderfully painted scenes of Haby Bonomos, objects were born.  More recently they have also reinterpreted Ninaʼs drawings. These bring us a different universe. Both are filled with  poetry, tenderness and dreams.

Haby Bonomo the painter.
In his landscapes he expresses constant themes: pictorial impressionism and the memories of his travels, his inspirational images are loaded with emotion, humor and tell us stories.These stories are based around his childhood in Buenos Aires. For more information, please click Here Regards,
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