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Turkish Organic Cotton Towel - Dark Grey (sold out)
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Turkish Organic Cotton Towel - Dark Grey (sold out)

These beautiful Turkish towels are perfect for the beach, lake or wherever your summer takes you.
Currently Out of Stock. Please contact us for the next delivery date.
Enjoy the beach or relax by the pool with the Classic Turkish Towel.

Size: 100cm x 170cm 
Composition: 100% Organic cotton
Colour: White with dark grey stripes & thin red stripes running the length of the towel
Made in Turkey 

These beautifully striped and timeless Hammam towels from Turkey have been made from 100% pure organic cotton.

Hammam towels dry quickly and are easy to wash. So, a perfect towel to pack in your suitcase, rucksack or beach bag. Also at home in the bathroom they are very beautiful and practical. Hammam towels are also very suitable for babies and children.

Pull the knots of the fringes of the Hammam towel before washing (the first time only). Before use, put the Hammam towel in COLD water for about 12 hours (if possible, not necessary). This will make the fibers stronger and the absorption better. It also reduces shrinkage. Then wash it at 40 degrees.

Wash with similar colours. / Can be washed at 60 degrees / Can be tumble dried

The use of fabric softener can make Hammam towels less absorbent, so do not use (or use as little as possible.) We advise not to iron the Hammam towels, as it will close the fibers which will make them less absorbent.

Compact, stylish and functional.

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