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Injiri Skirt - design n° 119 (sold)
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Injiri Skirt - design n° 119 (sold)

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Every stitch, gather and selvedge in these Injiri dresses and skirts tells a story. The Injiri textiles are text, a hand-crafted tale that’s shaped by artisans and weavers across India. With influences from folk clothing and local dressing styles, complemented by a deep respect for the process.
This skirt is entirely made by hand - from the weaving and dying to the last trim. It passes through the hands of craftspeople from various parts of India, utilizing traditional skills and techniques.

n° 119
100% Cotton
Size: Medium (size 10 - 14)
Designed & Made in India

About Injiri

Injiri designs come from an array of inspirations. Sometimes from the weavers they work with and at other times from antique pieces of clothing or textiles that are obsolete. The simplest of clothes worn by peasants, farmers and common man, inspire them the most.

In olden days making clothes was a very slow process that allowed the maker to do each piece at leisure. In the past woven material was a precious commodity and was used frugally. The “hand-made” quality in antique pieces was very evident and Injiri are inspired by this history of craftmanship over and over again.


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