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tse & tse Cubist Garland - white
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tse & tse Cubist Garland - white

Shining like pearls along an electric cable....
The Cubist Garland, grand dame of the Tsé-Tsé collection, has never looked better, as out of concern for the environment, she now shines with energy-efficient LED lights.
A delicate farandole of paper cubes, either white or multicolored, shining like pearls along an electric cable, the Cubist Garland was the first string of lights to provide sustainable accent lighting throughout the house, not to shine brightly but rather to warm a room’s atmosphere.  It’s the first lamp we turn on after a day out, the “night light' for the out-of-town guest, the last light we click off when the party’s over. 
Running from one corner of the room to the other, or hanging from wall to wall, the Cubist Garland is always in the right spot. When night falls, its pleasing soft glow spreads warmth throughout the room.
The paper cubes are handmade in Auroville, one of the most socially enlightened places in India today, and the lamps are expertly assembled in France. The little imperfections you might see are merely signs of the artisanal origins of these lamps and should not be considered flaws.
Indoor use only.
Made in France & India
Length: 2.5 meters


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