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Frazada wool Cushion 43cm (no. 02) (sold out)
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Frazada wool Cushion 43cm (no. 02) (sold out)

Hand made in the Andes of Peru in the Cusco region
Out of Stock. Please contact us for the next delivery date.
The beautiful Andes mountains cover an extensive area and there are many different villages, but the most beautiful textiles are the ones from Cusco region, the old capital of the Inca Empire. 

The drawings or symbols you see on the textiles are called 'pallais'  which means 'pick up' in Quechua which is the native language of the Cusco area. They all tell a story from the weaver or his or her village. They use ancient weaving techniques that have been passed from generation to generation.
The textiles can be made of sheep, llama or even alpaca wool. Each rug can take up to a month to be made. These cushions have been cut from old rugs.

The reality of these rugs is that as the years pass there are less and less artisans making them. By purchasing these products, you are supporting native communities and helping conserve their identity and ancient traditions.

Description: Cushion made from vintage Frazada
Size: 43cm x 43cm
100% wool
Straight edge with zip and plain woven cotton back.
100% Feather inner included
100% natural dyes
Made in Peru
Images show the front of this cushion, the back and some styled images.
Care Instructions:
Washing instructions
Cold hand wash
Line dry - do not tumble dry

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