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Genevieve Levy Trois Mats Cushion 55cm (available to order)
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Genevieve Levy Trois Mats Cushion 55cm (available to order)

Based on images from an exceptional planisphere painted by Vincenzo Coronelli for King Louis the XIV.
Sorry this cushion is out of stock. We are happy to order it for you. Please contact us for the next delivery date. Thanks.
Designed & Made in France
Front: Printed Linen
Back: Pure Linen
Straight edge with envelope closure
100% Feather inner included
Size: 55 x 55cm

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A little about Genevieve Levy Editions...
Geneviève Lévy édition is more than a brand - it is a family business, run by mother and daughter and inspired firstly by their husband and father’s work as an artist!
Since 2006  Geneviève Lévy & Nina Bonomo have been working to perfect the process used, to bring us these beautiful works of art on linen.  Geneviève Lévy takes the infinitely small, the fine details from Haby Bonomos work, through to the generous expansive landscapes. From these wonderfully painted scenes of Haby Bonomos, objects were born.  More recently they have also reinterpreted Ninaʼs drawings. These bring us a different universe. Both are filled with  poetry, tenderness and dreams.

The Coronelle Collection is based on images from an exceptional planisphere painted by Vincenzo Coronelli for King Louis XIV. Vincenzo Coronelli was a Franciscan monk, cosmographer, cartographer, publisher, and encyclopedist known in particular for his atlases and globes. He spent most of his life in Venice.
These paintings were for King Louis XIV, known as Louis the Great or the Sun King, who was a monarch of the House of Bourbon and who ruled as King of France and Navarre from 1643 until his death in 1715

A Delicate Process
Once the choice of motif has been made, a digital file is created in the size of each type of declination. They are then placed on a piece of material to be reproduced in digital print.
This technique meets the requirements and the challenge that the reproduction of original works represents, in the expansive possibilities in terms of coloured shades and in the subtle rendering of the brush stroke and paint.
For the majority of the natural textiles that are used such as linen, more delicacy is required in the printing process, as these textiles require additional steps of preparation, fixing and stabilisation. These phases sometimes generate divergences in the end result between two products, which is why you can see slight variations in size (about 3%) and colours which are inherent to the instability of natural material. We do our utmost to insure the best consistency of quality.

How to Care for our Creations
Even if our products are some kind of work of art for every day use, they are not to be treated as some fragile creatures.
All our creations in linen and velvet can be washed, without problem at 30°C in the washing machine, and the linen ones can be gently dried in the dryer, the fibre will get even smoother while the colours will stay bright.


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